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6 Marketing Insights of Dynamics 365 that pave the way for Revenue Generation

6 Marketing Insights of Dynamics 365 that pave the way for Revenue Generation

We are all in the business of making customers and generating revenue. One of the major means for which is marketing. In marketing, it is extremely important to know how your product is being received by the customers, what impact is it leaving on them, and how can you develop your product according to the market trends and customer requirements. Dynamics 365 is an effective ERP to keep track of how the marketing initiatives, taken by you, are influencing customer behavior and what is it that will work best for you. Dynamics 365 insights help you know your customers well. It makes use of analytics, key performance indicators, and statistics to help you touch the raw nerve of customers.

Contact Insights

Contact insights offered by Dynamics 365 gives you a clear picture of how your marketing initiatives are being received by a specific contact and the impact it has left on him. In addition, you will be able to decode what the contact is specifically looking for or is interested in. Not to mention, whether this contact is comfortable with whatsapp, emails, or text messages become clear with the help of contact insights. This piece of information can be used by you for making financial decisions, taking further initiatives, and contacting him directly in the near future.

If we dive deeper into contact insights, it can be grouped under the following:

  • Web Gives us an insight on the pages on your website along with the marketing pages visited by the contact. It also tells us about the links clicked by the contact. It tracks every movement of your contact from the moment he opened your website to the point he exited.
  • Subscription list Helps you keep an eagle eye on the subscription lists the contact opted for and exited. Apart from this, when he joined and left is also recorded accurately. Therefore, you get a clear idea of what to offer and when to offer.
  • Event Through event interactions, you can know a lot about the interests of the contact. You have in front of you a complete palette of the contact’s event interactions, check-ins, registrations, and cancellations.
  • Email Businesses make use of emails daily to reach existing, new, and future customers and clients. This insight gives you detailed information about the emails opened by the contact, the links that he clicked on, the list of unread messages, and all the emails sent by you.
  • Marketing form Last but not least, marketing form interactions play a vital role in assessing customer behavior. This is achieved by doing a thorough check on the marketing forms submitted by the contact and the content that those submissions enclose.

Customer Segmentation Insights

With the help of Dynamics 365, segmenting customers into the right category according to their interest, nature of purchase, timing, and purchasing power is significant. Customer segmentation insights is an outcome of the process. What are the factors that the segmentation depends on?

  • Customer behaviour analysis A close observation is done on the behavior of the customer concerning his responsiveness and buying ability. Future initiatives are taken on the results of the same.
  • Customer demographics ‘Old is Gold’! This is the conventional method of grouping the customer by his profile characteristics.
  • Multi-channel customer behaviour In this process, customers are categorized according to their channel preferences such as web and mobile phones.
  • Value today and tomorrow One of the most common ways is grouping customers who are most valuable currently against those who possess the traits of growing in the times ahead.

Customer Journey Insights

A customer’s journey comprises stages before, during, and after the experience of a service or product. Customer journeys can be expanding across multiple channels and touch-points such as upgrading a product, adding a new customer to your list, or providing services to resolve a technical issue.

The customer journey insights of Dynamics 365 helps you track incomplete journeys as well, thereby answering the following queries:

  • Was the proper delivery of messages made to the customers?
  • Did the messages contain exactly what was intended?
  • How did it impact customer behaviour?
  • What were the shortcomings of the entire process?
  • Why did the contact fail to complete the journey?

Market Insights

Market insights of Dynamics 365 can be classified into the following:

  • Search Insights By tracking the interactions of audiences on Bing search you exactly know what your customers are talking about and looking for. Therefore, you can market your products according to the data received.
  • Social Media Insights Artificial Intelligence comes into the picture when it is about acquiring social media insights. You have to carefully study the social media posts of customers and competitors to stay updated on the changing sentiments and market trends.

Product Insights

We, by nature, have the habit of comparing things. In the same manner, your customers more often than not search the web to compare the benefits of services or products before coming to a decision. For case in point, while buying a smartphone, customers browse through multiple phones online and compare their features, benefits, offers, and pricing, before making a purchase. The most commonly searched keywords collect data from online searches made by customers to compare different products. Over a span of time, these online searches are used to extract, rank, and make a note of the key attributes. Therefore, these product insights help you engage with your customers in a better manner and transform your product development and marketing on similar lines.

Email Marketing Insights

Marketing emails created in Dynamics 365 are a powerful tool for marketing campaigns. Email marketing insights provide the ability to track email activities and how your targeted customer is responding to it. You can find a full history of how numerous contacts have responded to a particular message, which are the links they have selected, and their location while reading and reacting to the message. It helps immensely in understanding customer behaviour which can be used in marketing extensively. Following is a detailed walk-through of the process:

  • Sending emails When you compose the message and send it, you have the option of tracking the receiver’s activity, whether he has opened it or clicked on it. Based on business intelligence data, this feature allows you to get a clear perspective on who to send what and when so that there is a maximum possibility of getting a response. In addition, there are reminders for following up the unopened messages.
  • Tracking and analytics This is an amazing feature that depicts when, where, and how the receiver is interacting with your sent emails. Whether he has opened it on his smartphone, or he is having bed tea and reading it on his laptop, or maybe he has reached office and viewing the message from his desktop. For every link in the original message, Dynamics 365 produces a redirect link that is unique for every recipient. You can exactly track the location from where the email is being opened and read. This gives you an insight into the daily schedule of the recipient and helps you target him with more accurate initiatives in times ahead.


Dynamics 365 escalates marketing insights to a point where you know your customer better than the customer knows himself. It assists you to know exactly what, when, and how to market to a target customer. Once you have in-depth research of your customer’s requirements, behaviour, and mindset, you have hit the bulls-eye. You can use the customer’s pain points to boost your sales and hence your revenue.

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