Energy & Utilities

Industry deregulation, regulatory compliance, asset and risk management, new customer acquisition are some of the confronts that Energy and Utility companies come across. This is forcing them to route to tighter cost controls and superior asset utilization levels. 

To cope with the ever-changing market, companies need to re-work on reducing costs, improve and offer reliable services to customers and deal with regulatory issues. With an appropriate integration of technology these issues can be dealt promptly.

JIVA helps reducing complexity by effectively collecting data, integrate different parts of value chain to enhance transparency and provide tools and solutions to effectively analyze data. We provide system integration that can put together systems, integrate numerous technologies, various components and platforms to cut cost and improve organization wide efficiencies.

Our domain experts assist and support in the areas of analytics, resource planning, product engineering services and portals and content management solutions to leverage technology for meeting client’s goals. Along with adherence to regulatory and environmental norms, we provide enhanced tracking and monitoring process which help in reducing operational costs and improve operational efficiencies.