Professional WordPress Services

  • Be the master of your domain
  • Earn Profits from your website
  • Image & Flash Banners
  • Multiple blogs and multiple authors

Services Provided

  • WordPress Customization
  • WordPress Plug-in Customization
  • WordPress Web 2.0 Theme Development
  • WordPress SEO


  • WordPress Theme Creation from CSS/HTML
  • WordPress Custom Modules Development
  • WordPress Blog Design and Integration
  • WordPress CMS Development

WordPress is an open source blog software package that works exceptionally well as a content management system. It makes it easy for anyone to set up, manage and maintain a website.

WordPress focuses on ease of use, speed and a great user experience and is blessed with a huge active community, which is the heart of true open source software. This solution is recommended for regular publishers, small site content management, small business and as an extension to an existing site.

WordPress lets you create pages (stand alone content) and posts (time-driven content) to build out the content of your site. WordPress lets you easily manage your site’s look and feel with themes. These are custom designs for your site that control how everything is laid out and organized.

JIVA offers WordPress CMS Integration Service. We can integrate WordPress with your web site and help developing creative blogs. We have developed skills to build up WordPress web sites which are attractive and search engine friendly

WordPress is a highly functional blogging software and content management system. It should be considered as a reliable option when shopping for a content management system.