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Integration to eCommerce

Why is eCommerce integration important?

A recent eMarketer report forecasts global retail eCommerce sales to reach $4 trillion by 2020, making up 14.6% of total retail spending that year.

  • Eliminate manual entry of order, inventory, item, customer, and data. This saves you time and reduces human errors.
  • Sync inventory levels to ensure you don’t oversell by providing accurate inventory levels across all your sales channels.
  • Automatically notify customers when orders have shipped. Customers can then track the delivery of their products.
  • Quickly make updates to data, such as pricing changes and product information updates in one system.
  • Easily add more sales channels, such as marketplaces, without losing operational efficiency.

Launch your business into explosive growth

Infuse your online channels with the agility and speed to evolve in shifting, complex markets

Our eCommerce Integration with ERP Systems expertise

Integration touchpoints

Products & Categories
Shipment Updates
Product Updates


Workflow Based Process Orchestration
Template Support for Quicker Integration
Protocol Based Adapters
Complete Logging & Error Handling

Our Services

Point-to-Point Connectors
For this type of integration, your eCommerce platform is “pointed at” your back-end systems to sync data.

Multichannel Management Platform
A multichannel management platform is usually a cloudbased platform that sits as an operational hub between your current systems. Ideally, pre-built connectors sync back and forth between your systems

Custom eCommerce Integration
It’s always an option to build your own integration between your eCommerce platform and any back-end systems.

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