Real Estate

In today’s scenario, agents and property professionals are facing a major shift in the way they reach clients. The present system encouraged buyers, vendors and clients to demand detailed information immediately. Coupled with a complex range of selling options, increasing competition the real estate industry is even more challenging.

In making a competitive bid on a house or a plot, getting the right loan and be up to date before making an investment, many buyers feel that they need an information gathering process. This is where we provide the right software service which enables the buyers have a competitive advantage over the other.

From providing the paramount fit for new commercial development to matching a homebuyer’s decision and multiple listing services to managing a property portfolio, Real Estate companies count on JIVA to deliver the results they need.

We provide complete Realty solutions that include

  • Lease Management
  • Property Management
  • Property Online Booking
  • Property Listing Management
  • Tenancy Management
  • Booking management system