Today’s online retailing is alive, well, and growing. With easier-to-use websites, improved online service, and the increasing sophistication of search technologies, online business is booming.

Web has become a whole new way to create value for customers and build customer relationships. As more and more people in their way onto the web, the population of online consumers is becoming more mainstream and diverse. The web has fundamentally changed customer’s notions of convenience, speed, price, product information and service. It’s hard to find a company today that doesn’t have a substantial web presence.

In today’s global marketplace, selling a product is sometimes easier than getting it to customers. Companies must decide on the best way to store, handle, and move their product and services so that they are available to customers in the right assortments, at the right time, and the right place. Explosion in product variety has created a need for improved logistics management. Ordering, shipping, stocking, and controlling such a variety of products present a sizable logistics challenge.

At JIVA InfoTech, we help you coordinate activities of suppliers, purchasing agents, marketers,
channel members, and customers. These activities include

  • Forecasting
  • Information systems
  • Purchasing
  • Production planning
  • Point of sale
  • Order processing
  • Inventory
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation planning
  • Messaging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Accounting

Make shopping easier to your customers with our technology. Enhance the shopping experience and help customers find products, get information and check out with greater ease.  We let you increase your customer pulling power to give consumers the convenience of one-stop shopping.