IT Consulting

It’s imperative for Organizations to continuously innovate and renovate to be in the race and maintain the competitive advantage. Organizations need to make use of technology for competitive differentiation, top line growth and to increase customer satisfaction. JIVA brings key consulting services that tackle all the above required aspects with increased agility and a complete transformation.

Our consulting offerings are based on developing a sound strategy based on an analytical approach to understand the business problems, and successfully implementing a course of action resulting in providing an integrated end-to-end IT enabled business transformation services that help not only manage existing business, but also the potential challenges going forward. Our value proposition is based on a confluence of domain knowledge, technical expertise, proven ability and a collective insight with focused approach using methodologies and frameworks. We can help mobilize the right people, skills, process and technology to help customers improve their returns.

We believe most enterprises are adept at building solutions that include hardware, software and technical infrastructure. However, there are times when budgets and resources become strained – this is where JIVAs team of consultants can step in.

From the moment your organization decides that outside assistance might be appropriate for your business requirements, JIVAs ability and proven track record to immediately mobilize the right people, skills, process and technology to assist your efforts is unmatched.

“JIVA consultants will improve the overall competitiveness of your organization and drive cost from the equation”

At JIVA, we take a holistic approach and appreciate the right solution requires proper understanding of the business processes, technical capabilities and overall strategic goals of the organization. JIVAs team of consultants will always strive to:

  • Understand your business and work flow requirements
  • Align IT strategy to maximize the investment
  • Develop and document the appropriate architecture
  • Implement a seamless integration plan for the current operating environment
  • Work towards enhancing and improving the entire process