Print & Publishing

The proliferation of digital media is changing the Print and Publishing industry dramatically. New ways to store and distribute content have brought new revenue streams, new markets avenues, new efficiencies and improvements in customer service. But this has also created new problems, such as security and copyright infringement.

Having supplied a number of major companies with network and communications services, we can provide your business with a wide range of tested and proven solutions. Our long-term service to broadcasting, for example, has made us acknowledged experts in storing and moving sensitive and valuable content safely and securely. Our world-class solutions can enable you to distribute your content online and realize revenue while minimizing loss through piracy. Our partnership with the Newspaper Society underlines our commitment to the print and publishing industry and we continue to work with them on IT and communications solutions to meet the challenges you face in the multi-media marketplace.

Solutions for Publishing

  • Content Management
  • Image Management
  • Asset Centralization
  • Asset Distribution
  • Operational Resilience
  • Risk &Compliance Management
  • Membership & Subscription Management
  • Print & Web Publishing Management