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Dynamics 365 implementation
How to get Dynamics 365 implementation right?

How to get Dynamics 365 implementation right?

More often than not, business owners and top management officials have to take tough calls on how to make the functioning of the business smoother, swifter, and more organized. A topic of debate that finds common ground on the round table meetings is whether to opt for Dynamics 365 implementation.

Why are E-commerce businesses reluctant to go for Dynamics 365 implementation?

Two popular myths revolving around this concept need to be busted. Firstly, one cannot deny the fact that Dynamics 365 implementation demands considerable amount of investment. However, it earns you profits and saves you loads of money in the long term by drastically reducing your costs and making workflows immaculate. Secondly, it is believed that Dynamics 365 caters to large enterprises while it exceeds the radar of small businesses. Dynamics 365 offers customizable purchase plans that fits in all sizes of businesses flawlessly.

Now that the myths are busted and the air is cleared, getting Dynamics 365 implementation right is the matter of utmost concern. How?

Identify the problems and plan accordingly

Dynamics 365 proffers various solutions to numerous problems. However, to identify the company-specific problems is essential as they will be the factors driving the implementation. For instance, what is it that your company is doing wrong? How will Dynamics 365 solve them? What is the success rate? Is it feasible for times ahead? You have to sit down and brainstorm with your experienced employees, subject matter experts, and the right Dynamics 365 consultants for carefully penning down the problems and requirements. After drawing a clear picture, you will be able to chalk out the most apt solutions along with the suitable modules to be selected from the wide range of applications, Dynamics 365 has to offer. Thereafter, plan out a detailed implementation process virtually.

Assessment of existing tools

A thorough assessment of the existing tools in your company is a must before you jump into a Dynamics 365 implementation. The reason being as clear as crystal, there have been many companies earlier who failed to install Dynamics 365 due to outdated systems, extinct programming languages, and semi-integrated application suites. Once you have carried out a thorough assessment, and achieved the required insights, you can commence with the implementation. Not to mention, these insights will be impossible to acquire without the expertise of your experienced employees and the right Dynamics 365 partner.

Cross-functional teams are needed

Implementation of Dynamics 365 is not a one-team-show. It requires cross-functional teams that hold expertise in identifying bottlenecks, fixing time gaps, spotting inefficiencies, and dealing with quality control issues. You need help from the right Dynamics 365 services agency to ensure that no step has been skipped, the development has been within budget, and the deadline has been maintained. Last but not least, the core implementation is taken care of by the IT professionals who make sure that the technicalities are sound. Cross-functional teams play a major role in testing and ensuring that the ERP system is up and running.

A leader is required to head the Dynamics 365 implementation process

Every project requires a bigwig for spearheading the implementation. This forerunner should have all the qualifications, knowledge, and communication and management skills that the project demands. He should be adept in fixing bottlenecks, maintaining the smooth functioning of the implementation process, and ensuring that the goals are being achieved as per schedule. However, it is difficult to find professionals who can take care of both the operations and technology. Thus, you might require two or more Dynamics 365 consultants to head the project.

Proper training is needed

One-fifth of the Dynamics 365 implementations fail to deliver business benefits due to improper training. For proper training, you need to get in touch with a certified Dynamics 365 consultant who will make sure that the operations are running smoothly and immediate solutions are given against untimely glitches. The consultant will provide the right training and documentation of the functionalities to the management and the IT staff. This will help them overcome operational hiccups and technical issues that crop up in times to come.

Dynamics 365 implementation is followed by maintenance services

Even after proper training, there are chances that you face obstacles in maintaining the software. Thus, it is recommended to opt for maintenance services from a Dynamics 365 consultant on a daily basis. In addition, by maintaining a healthy professional relationship with these Microsoft partners you can run parallel to the rapid development and expand magnificently with their constant assistance.


The few Dynamics 365 implementation projects that face challenges are due to poor planning and improper training. Therefore, it is always beneficial to hire a consultant who helps you sail through the emerging challenges and provides an expert approach to your customers’ requirements. If you have the right solutions, matching pace with the industry and growing accordingly won’t be problematic. You can drop a line to JIVA InfoTech who has made a name for itself in the market for seamless Dynamics 365 implementation and trusted maintenance services.