SharePoint for Law Firms

Law firm administrators are pressured to implement effective ways to work faster and smarter. Clients are demanding their attorneys to deliver higher value in work and services, reduce costs, and merge law and technology for effectiveness. To retain clients and professionals, administrative staff must be better informed, produce more consistent work product, and manage their clients more closely.

JIVA SharePoint enables law firms a cost effective conduct to tap into their information, gives easier access to documents, and promotes teamwork and client loyalty. Effective capturing, tracking and reporting on deliverables creates a foundation for working faster and smarter.

JIVA Share Point framework can easily be tailored by law firms. SharePoint offers a simple structure that makes it easier for attorneys. Office integration and out-of-the-box templates allows easy creation of new pages with calendars, meeting managers, discussion forums, ready-to-use and custom built “Web parts”. For example a lawyer could see a display of work in progress, accounts receivable, financial matters and other functionalities for top clients pulled directly in real time from the firm.

JIVA offers:

  • Personalized attorney portal
  • Business intelligence reports
  • Client extranet access
  • Digital score cards
  • Legal information management
  • Intelligent record classification
  • Metadata management
  • Dashboards


  • Blogs, Wikis and e-mail integration
  • Group Collaboration and Syndication
  • Enhanced search and retrieval
  • Enhanced record management
  • Rich email management features
  • Advanced matter centric reporting
  • Powerful auditing and tracking capabilities