Magento Plugins

Magento Plugin Description

Customized Menu:

A Category or a Sub-Category can each have a product list or a landing page of specialized features. Each category can have multiple options which enables in showcasing more products.

Mobile Integration:

E-Commerce Solution with Mobile Integration, offers a unique way of reaching your target market. Integrating E-Commerce with mobile services, will allow you to interact with your customers on mobile.

Image Search Option:

The web page provides a search field in which a customer can type all or a part of the Name of a product, or its Attributes, in order to find it. Additionally image search is provided which makes it more pictorial and easy for the customers.

Fro Ogle XML:

Magento Product Feed Export Has CSV feeds for Product Google base (fro ogle). Product data can be Exported/imported with product URL’s, image URL’s and description. Products can be updated on Fro ogle.

CMS with Image Upload:

Image files can be directly uploaded, that are required for CMS pages. This allows users (using the admin panel) to upload and specify an image of their choice to appear as a banner on the page.

Additional Plugins:

  • Feed for Warehouse
  • Multiple Language Options
  • Site Feeds
  • Multiple Customer Logins
  • Refunds Control
  • Customer Approval Process
  • Quick Order