The retail industry has been going through extensive metamorphism after the advent of E-commerce. With the skyrocketing competition, the retail industry today is mostly about how you sell than what you sell. We offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail Management services that bank on advanced ERP and CRM systems. It gives you complete control over your resources to efficiently manage retail operations including sales analysis, inventory management, point of sale, gift cards, promotions, customer loyalty schemes, logistics and a sight more. Our full length retail solution provides you accurate business insights that empowers you to reach your revenue goals in a breeze.

We cater to the requirements of all sizes of retail businesses, from the hulking E-commerce leaders to the SMBs; from stand-alone stores to multifaceted multi-stores. By optimizing your retail operations, we ensure enhancement in customer experience, growth in acquiring new customers, and increase in repetition of customers.

We add value to the retail industry by implementing Dynamics 365:

  • The centralized POS terminal management feature of Dynamics 365 includes user interface layouts, visual and functional profiles, and employee permissions. The ERP data model displays real-time data and prevents duplication.
  • The three management workspaces namely the category and product management workspace, the prices and discounts workspace, and the catalog management workspace assist your employees to carry out their tasks efficiently. Additionally, the Channel Operations Workspace enables statement posting and manages point of sale (POS) permissions for your retail store.
  • Dynamics 365 optimizes retail store operations, tracks real-time inventory and receivables, tracks logistics and supply chain, maintains customer loyalty, upholds labour records, and keeps a track of layaways, sales orders, back orders, and quotes.
  • The credit/debit card features on Dynamics 365 allow seamless credit/debit card transactions for payments along with semi-integrated cross-channel payment processing for the convenience of your customers anytime, anywhere.
  • It is important to understand customer buying behaviour for growing the retail industry. With all the customer information aggregated in Dynamics 365, you can understand and forecast your customers’ buying habits thoroughly. In addition, you get an idea of how they choose to communicate with your brand and you.
  • With the help of built-in integrations and round the clock support for e-commerce platforms, MS Dynamics 365 not just downloads orders into one central system for you, but it also updates inventory levels and sends shipping information to your multiple channels, making sure that your customers are kept informed and your reputation is upheld.
  • Dynamics 365 flaunts a warehouse management system that enables your staff to scan the goods in and out with the help of a barcode, and execute inventory counts swiftly and accurately. This speeds up your time to ship and serves your customers’ needs without delay.