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In the present day, manufacturing companies operate through a combination of lean, process, and discrete methods of manufacturing for effectively allocating resources, managing inventory, product development, and more. These are managed by distinct systems making it costly and confusing. To overcome this challenge, you need real-time access to information related to specific roles and the tools required to perform the tasks from multiple locations via a single platform. Dynamics 365, a combined ERP and CRM system, has the capabilities for doing so. JIVA InfoTech gets on the ball of your manufacturing challenges and implements Dynamics 365 for providing you effective solutions.

To be alive and kicking in the manufacturing industry today, you need to be agile, swift, and cost-effective. Dynamics 365 helps in achieving it by seamlessly running your business operations and processes and meeting the expectations of customers and demands of the market. The ERP solution helps you strengthen your supply chain and augment planning, storing, costing, and executing, thereby improving profit margins.

The exclusive manufacturing functionalities that Dynamics 365 offer are:

  • Automates manufacturing processes – It increases production, cuts cost, and improves customer experience. We evaluate and modify your current manufacturing processes and streamline it with the help of Dynamics 365.
  • Accurate forecasting – It gives you access to real-time data that improves accuracy of your forecasts. In this way, you can manage your production and inventory better, fulfil demands, stay agile, and increase your profits.
  • Quick response to customer requirements – Customers want quick response to eleventh-hour requests, modifications, and rush orders. Dynamics 365 seamlessly responds to such requirements and enhances customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Inventory control – Maintaining a balancing between too little or too much inventory is a big headache for most of the manufacturers. Having the right inventory means the supply meets the demands accurately. MS Dynamics 365 comes with an inventory control application that offers the visibility and inventory counts required for efficient production planning. It accounts for the inventory right from the customer sales order. In case of any deficiency, the manufacturer is alerted immediately.
  • Tracking the lot – Lot tracking is for raw materials and finished products. Manually entering data leads to inaccuracies in tracking. Dynamics 365 handles forward tracking and backward lot tracking in a breeze.
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP) – Another critical component of Dynamics 365 is that it solves the problems of resource management. It reduces cash flow and increases profitability.
  • Accurate reporting – MS Dynamics 365 provides the right reporting capabilities by displaying all the data integrated in one single system. Arranging large quantities of data can be a tedious job, but with D365 reporting tools the process is made accurate and seamless. The reporting database is updated instantly and automatically after every transaction, thus, upholding accuracy.