Guest of Guest – Social Networking Site Case Study

Business Challenge

Getting past the “No Vacancy” sign outside isn’t always easy, especially if it’s New York City. From the paved streets of Uptown, to the cobblestone roads of Downtown and everywhere in between, the client wanted to update the people, places, and parties of NYC. The client wanted to serve as a social blueprint for growing numbers of young people in the city.

JIVAs Solution

We have provided the features where the User can update their photos and get that tagged. The User gets the updates of the latest happening parties and events in NYC. The user can join the Guest of Guest groups in Facebook, Tumbler and Twitter. The Calendar updates the users with the latest updates in the coming 7 days. The user can also update and check the past and future events.

Business Impact

Features like subscription to the newsletters and GOFG blog gives the user regular updates in NYC. The options like search the people, events and the venues gives the user all the information that the user would like to know about. Integration of the Google maps helps the users to locate the venues of the parties easily. With SEO in place, the user gets all the details he should require from the custom Google search. The Photo and Video galleries update the users with all the updates of the past events and parties.