Energy Management Case Study


Business Challenge

The problem of finding an appropriate building configuration to satisfy a client’s building program is by no means easy. When one imposes additional requirements that the building shall be an “efficient”, “economical”, or “optimum cost” building, the mathematical difficulties encountered in operating on a large data base to achieve some kind of optimum result are almost impossible.

Our client Genea’s Building Optimization Platform is the energy management and building control solution that empowers every stakeholder in the commercial property value chain. Building owners, property managers, building engineers, and tenants all benefit from Genea’s simple, yet powerful Building Optimization Solutions. With 17-year-old building automation and energy management services, Genea like to take commercial real estate portfolios to the next level. The earlier manual process is now being completely automated.

JIVAs Solution

We provided a web-enabled technology platform that decreases the energy that buildings consume, increases net operating income, and introduces a set of business processes that help office buildings run more efficiently. We added certain features to the existing legacy application to combine energy management with building automation, business process, and portfolio-wide analytics features for a fully integrated solution.

Results and Impact

The result of the application is an entirely new level of transparency regarding the performance of an entire commercial real estate portfolio. And a solution that delivers measurable results every day.