E-Learning for Schools

Today’s challenges in Education systems are vast, dealing with content, curriculum, administration or keeping in track with Technology issues. Schools should be on the run, leading the pack, when they are actually far behind in the race. For years traditional classroom teaching and administration was the only option. There is a need for the schools to be more modern, efficient and flexible in terms of learning and administration.

E-Learning has turned into the perfect complement to traditional teaching and administration in Schools. E-Learning has progressed into a tool which is widely used in academic worlds. It is a web-enabled system for information access to those who need it anytime and anywhere. It covers the flow of information, communication, training, knowledge management and performance management

“According to recent studies, students taking e-courses retain up to 100% more than analogous classroom courses. It typically requires 30-60% less time that classroom course”

Our E-Learning for education manages the delivery of self-paced, E-Learning courses. We let you publish courses and place them in an online catalog or assign courses to students. Students log into the system using a browser and launch courses.

Our E-Learning solutions gamut from simple text-based page-turners to highly interactive systems, sophisticated presentations that make learning interesting and administration effective.

JIVA feature tools for E-Learning in schools:

  • Grading tools
  • Student management
  • Online tests
  • Teaching and tutoring jobs
  • Payment features
  • Social networks
  • Miscellaneous tools
  • Arrow Live conferencing
  • Course management
  • Groupware tools
  • Learning path
  • Student/instructor clasp modes
  • Scenario based learning
  • Instructors per course
  • Document tool
  • Student roles
  • Quiz modules
  • Course subscriptions
  • Reporting and tracking system
  • Certification programs