E-Learning Case Study


E-Learning is re-emerging as a solution for delivering online, hybrid, and synchronous learning regardless of physical location, time of day, or choice of digital reception/distribution device.

Business situation

Our client wanted to reach the students with ideas and information in revolutionary ways. The pre-existing application was a stand-alone application. Exercises completed by the students had to be manually updated to the database to generate reports. Our client wanted to have a virtual classroom model of E-Learning to extend the structure and services that accompanies formal education programs from the campus or learning center to learners, wherever they are located. Client proposed to have a web solution which can handle the online practice exercises completed by the students even when they are at home.

Our client also wanted to address the needs of schools who try to manage their own computer labs quickly discover that the costs of a technology program do not end with buying computers and software. Our client integrated their E-Learning module with a Student Management System.

Our Solution

We developed an application which integrated the E-Learning module with the student management system and is available to the users to access it online.

JIVAs E-Learning module Features include

  • Proprietary software for Pre-K-2nd grade
  • Consistent, standardized curriculum for Grades 2-8
  • Online exercises for practice at home grades k-2
  • Online Student gallery (link from your school’s website
  • Online Typing Tutor
  • E-mail accounts for each student
  • Green Classroom

JIVAs Student Management System Features include

  • Student screens that include key information for decision making and reporting
  • Streamlined communication between teachers and parents via the classroom pages and messaging system
  • Attendance can be taken in real time, and summarized by the office instantly. The office staff can also modify attendance reports based on information not available at the time roll was taken
  • The calendar function allows school level and classroom level detail for activities and student assignments
  • The grade book allows instructors and teachers to enter their comments online, and submit them in a timely manner
  • Parents can login to update their contact info, and view the student’s assignments and progress
  • Best of all, the system can be used from any internet based computer, allowing tremendous flexibility in when and how the content is entered, updated and viewed

Key Results

With an IT system in place, our application made way to efficient asynchronous interaction, group collaboration, new educational approaches and integration of computers. This enabled consistency and effectiveness in the monitoring system and interaction.

Most importantly every student progress could be tracked with ease and facilitated personalized attention according to the need of the student.